The 5Th

The Crew

Alejandro Herrera: Electric & Acoustic Bass
Tomas Babjaczuck: Drums
Alvaro Torres: Piano & Keyboards
Gustavo Camara: Sax
James Suggs: Trumpet

Alejandro Herrera Tomas Babjaczuck Alvaro Torres
Gustavo Camara James Suggs

The Quintet was formed on 2012 and the five members enjoy a love of music, friendship, and a goal to make the best music possible..
The Quintet has a wide-ranging library of original music to call on. The earlier works draw on influences from Contemporary Jazz and groove, whilst the later works have a darker edge from their roots in contemporary classical music, progressive rock and Jazz. One of the defining factors of the music is its through-composed quality, which tends to shun the 'head-solos-head' structure.
The improvisation sections thus act as a developmental part of the composition, motifs are widely used to provide cohesion and themes often return in fresh new guises. This allows the music to keep a constant feel of momentum, rather than having to return back to 'spent' material. Texture also plays a major role in the group, with explorations into minimalism and ambience, often dropping to duets and solo passages mid-composition in order to create breathing room.
The band has been performing regularly around Capital Federal since forming, in venues such as Thelonius, Notorius, The San Martin Theatre, Clásica y Moderna. This allowed the band to refine and explore the music whilst building a strong musical rapport in preparation to record the Alejandro Herrera Quintet's album.